Teacher Strikes Could Happen

Teaching associations and unions have responded to proposed budget cuts in schools and colleges by suggestion strike action may be taken. Lots of people are understandable upset by the announcement and proposed strikes have been speculated.

The cut was announced after more teenagers than first predicted applied to stay on in education. Rather than celebrate the increasing desire of students to stay on a school or college, Labour have announced that there will be a £200m shortfall in funding this year. This will likely put the future of as many as 50,000 young adults in jeopardy, lead to a cut in school bursaries, and will mean that many will have to look for paid work instead. Given that the current economic climate is high unstable, this worries many in the education sector.

The National Union of Teachers have spoken out and called the cuts “an absolute disgrace”. A ‘lost generation’ is what they think will be the result of this, simular to the situation with school leavers in the 1980’s. “This would not happen in independent or indeed bording schools and should not happen in the state system” they said. The cut came about as a miscalculated estimate on the percentage of young people who would choice to continue on to colleges, sixth forms or paid training schemes. Many of these places have now received around 4% less money than they first thought and will be forced to save the money by scrapping courses and possibly teaching jobs.The NUT annual conference in Wales is where the issue was first addressed and lots of speakers voted for strikes at the educational institutions that were affected

A clear acknowledgement of the problem has been made by Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, who has said schools face a dilemma about whether or not they can fund college students this year. He claims that the cause for the rise in higher education program applications is down to the poor job market putting people off entering work. He has made the point that due to the recession, their are not as many job opportunities out their for school leavers and so many are deciding to stay on

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