Become A Better Surfer By Improving These Muscle Groups

I think most people don’t realise just how strenuous surfing can be and fitness needed to be a great surfer. Professional riders have fitness levels that most people can only dream of and this is something you only realise once you are in the water and trying it yourself. Your muscles are worked incredibly hard as you take the board into the surfing launch zone and when riding a lot of energy is expended also. So if you are going to want to get signed by the likes of Roxy, Rip Curl and Animal Clothing you’re going to have build those muscles. But which are the main muscles that get worked during surfing and which should you be training most?

Deltoids These in simple terms are yout shoulder muscles and take a big hit during a surf session. When you are lying flat on the board and rotating your arms repeatedly to paddle out, your deltoid group is providing around 70% of the power. Now consider that most surfers spend 60-70% of their time paddling and you realise just how much work your shoulders do

These are muscles that make up the upper back. They are also involved with the surfboards progressive movement when you are paddling out, but are called into action more when you are ‘popping’ up on the board. This requires explosive strength so you need to work with heavy weights and a fast repetitions to get these muscles in shape

Abs and core muscles
These are core to you performing well on the board as these are your stabilising muscles. It is all very well have the skill to surf but without the core muscles in good condition you will fatigue very quickly and will not be able to stay upright. There is not really any element of surfing that does not called upon these muscles so they should be your primary focus. Use a core-stability ball or Pilates techniques to build these up.

Cardiovascular fitness should also be included in your surf training and there are plenty of second hand bikes that you can pick up and use to ride to the beach to help with this

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